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Welcome to Wagyu of Alabama.

Wagyu pronounced “Way-gyu or Wag-yoo” literally means Japanese Cattle. Wagyu Cattle are genetically predisposed to intsense marbling. This breed produces high percentages of oleginous (oil) unsaturated fat (good fat).

Compared to other breeds, Wagyu beef yields a higher percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Due to this high marbling and quality, Wagyu Cattle typically demand a high price – as much as $300/lb for the highest quality beef.

The Japanese quality grade is based on a 12 point scale, A1 to A12. US quality grades are Prime, Choice, and Select. The US hightest quality grade, Prime, will fall into the A5 to A6 range. The Beef produced by Wagyu of Alabama grade A8 to A9.


Available at Mark’s Mart in Selma marks mart

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 “A Dallas County cattleman is taking delectability to a new level on his family farm in Selma, Ala.

Four years ago, Andy Tipton was searching for higher profits on less land. Now Tipton has settled into a niche market and owns and operates Wagyu of Alabama with his father-in-law, Harrell Watts, Jr.

“After researching the Wagyu cattle breed, I was intrigued by the possibility of producing what’s considered the most flavorful beef in the world……” READ MORE


  • All Natural Beef

  • Bred, Born, and Raised on the same location

  • No Antibiotics

  • No Steroids

  • Raised on the rich Black Belt of Central Alabama

To order contact us:

Wagyu of Alabama
2143 County Road 62
Selma, AL 36701

Owner, Andy Tipton

(334)872-1880  |  (334)518-9425

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Available at Mark’s Mart in Selma marks mart